Our leading products is filter press and oil press.

YUZHOU CPRT FILTER PRESS MACHINERY CO., LTD is a Joint-stock company, Our leading products is filter press and oil press. For filter press, it's liquid-solid seperation equipment, including chamber filter press and plate-frame filter press, have various types of 320, 450, 630, 800, 1000, 1250, 1500, widely used in chemical industry, environment protection, coal washing, sludge treatment, ore tailings, pharmaceutical, edible oil, ceramics, etc; For oil press, it's edible oil production machine, have various types of 6YL-68, 6YL-80, 6YL-95, 6YL-120, 6YL-125, 6YL-130, 6YL-150, 6YL-160, etc.

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  • "Bureau Veritas", certifying the PP materials used for the Filter Pressure Plates does not contain a chemical called "PHTHALATE".
  • We have more than 20 professional designers, including mechanical design, process design
  • We will send you our company's latest product information and the latest company
  • We have cooperates and exchanges actively with advanced starch companies in the world.
  • We can help customer to train operators to get skilled in operation and normal maintenance